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Waterproof and anticorrosive wood Decking has good performance


  The more important part in decorating, besides metope is floor. The action of the floor is to reduce the damage to the ground not only, it is the important component that establishes the room to decorate fundamental key more. In recent years. Consumers are when choosing a floor, besides the beautiful degree of appearance, also pay close attention to environmental protection performance very much. Wood Decking is a new type of environment-friendly and energy-saving composite material. Hironoki of Wood Decking explains this in more detail.

  Waterproof and anticorrosive wood decking, believe you seen in our daily life, it is a kind of coupled with PE plastic based on wood and processing AIDS, heat extrusion mold again after mixing equipment, made of a high-tech green environmental protection material, performance and characteristics of both wood and plastics, new environmental protection technology can replace the wood and plastic materials.


  As is known to all, wooden articles are very sensitive to water and moisture, if by water soak for a long period of time, can make the product appear from spoiling condition, and if the moisture is doing is not good enough, can also lead to mildew and rot, wooden floor and hong wood wood decking, on the other hand, there is no such situation, it is moistureproof and waterproof properties is good, at the same time it also can insect-resistant and prevent termites, Compared with solid wood floor, the service life is longer.

  Compare with a few pure natural woodiness floor board, it has more colour and style choice, make the bedroom dresses up more individual character, and still can undertake design production according to the demand of the individual, additional its installation is convenient also, environmental protection does not have public harm again.

  Wood Decking is similar in appearance to wood flooring, but it is completely degradable, has better corrosion resistance and strength, and is resistant to moisture and corrosion. Hongzhi wood wood plastic composite material can be used for garden landscape, interior and exterior decoration, floor, fence, flower pool, pavilion. Its installation is also very convenient, do not need to please decorate a worker, oneself can be completed at home.

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