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Macrotech was invited to attend the 15th International Plastic Wood Summit Forum in China


  Develop circular economy, advocate ecological civilization, plastic wood business benefits the country and the people. From November 1 to November 3, 2021, China Plastic Processing Industry Association Wood products professional committee in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province held "China's 15th International Wood summit Forum", experts and friends from all over the world gathered together to discuss the development of wood environmental protection cause.


  The main participants of the 15th International Plastic Wood Summit Forum in China are representatives of member units; Leaders and representatives of relevant departments, institutions, associations and other units; Plastic-wood related upstream and downstream industries raw materials, auxiliaries, equipment suppliers, etc., macrotech was also invited to participate in the plastic-wood summit forum.

  Macrotech will work with industry members to face and solve the severe problems and difficulties in the industry, further strengthen the communication within the industry, so that more enterprises better understand the domestic and international wood industry innovation and development dynamics, explore the future development of wood industry together.

  Together in 2021, Along the way, Macrotech strive to forge ahead and innovation, live up to the youth and sail again. With Macrotech plastic wood hand in hand, do not forget the original aspiration, pursue the dream forward, win-win future. Macrotech plastic wood is willing to inherit and carry forward the spirit of "integrity, innovation, pragmatic", and warmly look forward to the development of injection wood industry and the new and old customers, peer enterprises and people from all walks of life sincere cooperation, and seek common development! All "Macrotech" people are determined to make their own contribution to the development of wood plastic industry in China and even the world through their own efforts, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of wood plastic industry chain!

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