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The application of Corridor Wood Decking in wetland park


  As the ecological regulation and leisure space of the city, the wetland park around the city plays a huge role in the development and climate regulation of the city. However, in the construction process of scenic spots, in order to achieve a more ideal ecological leisure effect, a large number of solid wood products are often used as the floor of the landscape boardwalk. This kind of ground or water pavement wastes forest wood resources and causes environmental damage. The application of corridor Wood Decking can well alleviate the contradiction between people's pursuit of natural leisure life and environmental protection. Therefore, corridor wood Decking appears in more and more park wetland scenic spots.

The application of Corridor Wood Decking in wetland park

  Corridor Wood Decking is produced by high-temperature melting and high-pressure extrusion molding. As a result, Corridor Wood Decking products have a more compact structure. Its density is as high as 1.3g/cm³, which is about 3 times that of conventional wood. Therefore, Corridor wood Decking also has better mildew, corrosion, moisture and insect prevention effects than antiseptic wood, and also has better wear resistance, stain resistance and aging resistance.

  Corridor Wood Decking has the dual advantages of wood and plastic in terms of performance. The appearance and wood texture are realistic and natural, and the material is stable and not easy to crack, deformation and warpage. Product aging resistance, anti - corrosion, anti - insect ant, small water absorption. Rich in color and as easy to work with as wood, it's easy to cut, planer, nail and drill.

  Corridor Wood Decking is always warm and moist in the four seasons, no matter it is hot in summer or cold in winter. Put down the complicated affairs, get out of the depressed space, let's walk into the park, scenic area, wetland and other outdoor areas, to feel the beauty of life, feel the beauty of nature!

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