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Discover the different aspects of Terrace Outdoor Decking


  Terrace Outdoor Decking has been widely used in private courtyards at home and abroad, and has been welcomed and loved by consumers. The emergence of Terrace Outdoor Decking has attracted the attention of many consumers. Let's take a look at the details of terrace Outdoor Decking with Macrotech.

  What is Terrace Outdoor Decking

  Wood plastic, also known as plastic wood. Different from pure wood or anticorrosive wood, it is a new material produced by mixing a certain proportion of waste plant fiber (wood flour, rice husk, straw) and polymer materials, which not only saves forest resources, but also can be recycled.

Discover the different aspects of Terrace Outdoor Decking

  Performance benefits of Terrace Outdoor Decking

  Toughness: from wood, but better than wood. Plastic wood floor has overcome the defects of natural wood moistureproof, insect-proof ants; Retained the plasticity of wood again, can drill, can plane, not easy to be out of shape, toughness is good.

  Durability: high strength and water resistance. Strong impact resistance, in the outdoor environment, no deterioration, no catalysis, performance unchanged.

  Visual effect: the so-called visual effect is also beautiful, this is a plastic wood floor advantage. Compare general wood, plastic wood floor is to avoid paint, can restore the grain of natural wood, and colour is extremely rich, breed is much, style is wide, can satisfy the individual character demand of consumer DIY.

  Having said so much, I believe we also have a certain understanding that tooling home decoration is essential, Macrotech Terrace outdoor decking you deserve it.

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