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What is the reason why Traditional WPC Decking leaves a gap during installation


  Traditional WPC Decking has become a very important new composite material in modern decoration materials. Whether it is the choice of flooring or outdoor decoration, people can see it. Outdoor wood-plastic flooring is a kind of green, environmentally friendly, pollution-free and recyclable material, so it is widely welcomed in the market.

  When people normally see Traditional WPC Decking, they should be able to see that there is a gap between the Traditional WPC Decking and many users will think it is an installation problem or the material itself is bad. In fact, the above reasons are not. The gap was actually left by the installer, and macrotech's editor has a brief explanation of why the Traditional WPC Decking installation left a gap.


  In general, there are two main reasons for leaving gaps when installing. The first is the need for drainage, because if Traditional WPC Decking often runs into rainy days or other wet problems, leaving gaps after drainage can avoid rainwater and avoid causing trouble in people's lives.

  The second reason is that Traditional WPC Decking has slight thermal expansion and contraction problems. People should know that outdoor floors will have slight thermal expansion and cold contraction when using extreme heat or cold. The gap left is only to leave space for Traditional WPC Decking. Avoid excessive extrusion and distortion of Traditional WPC Decking.

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