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What are the characteristics of Macrotech Wood Decking?


  Macrotech Wood Decking is a new environment-friendly wood plastic composite material, which has the same production and processing characteristics as wood. It can be used with general special tools sawing, drilling and nail, very convenient. Applied physics behaves like wood in general. In addition, it also has the wooden sense of wood and wood does not have moistureproof and corrosion resistance characteristics, which makes it has excellent characteristics and durability of outdoor moistureproof and corrosion resistance building decoration materials.

  Macrotech Wood Decking

  1. Moistureproof and waterproof. Most of them solve the problems of digestion and absorption of moisture and perishable, swelling and deformation of wooden products in the cold and wet natural environment, and can be used in the natural environment where traditional wooden products can not be used.


  2. Avoid insects and termites, reasonably avoid insect scratching and prolong the use period.

  3. Bright color, a variety of colors can be provided.

  4. The ductility is strong, and the humanized modeling design can be easily completed, reflecting the personalized design style.

  5. Strong environmental protection, zero pollution, zero pollution, recycling. It can greatly reduce the demand for wood, which is in line with China's current policy of sustainable development and benefits social development.

  6. Sound insulation and environmental protection and energy saving effect is very good, so that the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving in the room is further improved.

  Macrotech has 5 research and development patents, and its products have reached industry pioneer standards in terms of endurance and ductility. Emphasis on quality, more emphasis on texture. Welcome to consult and buy, more than a reference, always beneficial.

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