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Causes of deformation and cracking of terrace Decking?


  In recent years, with the popularity of wood-plastic panels, Terrace Decking has been known and used by more and more people. It has gradually begun to replace most of the traditional building materials with its waterproof, flame retardant, moth-resistant and corrosion resistant properties. However, in our actual use, we saw many problems such as terrace decking deformation and cracking after being used outdoors for a period of time.

  Talk about why the regular Terrace Decking morphed? There are three reasons why many Terrace Decking manufacturers advertise that they do not deform, but such problems occur after a period of outdoor use:

Causes of deformation and cracking of terrace Decking?

  1. Many outdoor Terrace Decking manufacturers use inferior raw materials and cut corners under the condition of immature technology, producing very inferior flooring. In the process of use, such flooring will not only crack and deformation, but also spawn many other problems.

  2. Due to different plastic components and manufacturing processes of wood-plastic materials, some Terrace Decking can only be used indoors. Under the condition of indoor constant temperature, such floor decoration is also very beautiful indoors. However, under the trend of interests, many manufacturers over-advertise their flooring, which is extremely irresponsible and can only be used outdoors for indoor decking. In the case of large outdoor temperature changes and large flow of people, deformation and damage will soon occur.

  3. The Terrace decking will absorb water when it comes into contact with water on rainy days. In the cold season, the floor shrinks, the clearance becomes larger, and the force of the cardigan moves inward; In the hot season, the floor expands and expands, the floor clearance becomes smaller, and the force on the fastener is outward. In a long time, the Terrace Decking will crack and deformation under the condition of uneven force.

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