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Outdoor Decking market development status and prospect analysis


  With China's continuous attention to environmental protection and the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the environmental protection industry has been developing in recent years, and people's requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher. Outdoor Decking, as a new environmental protection material, is developing better and better in the market of home decoration. Outdoor decking market development prospect is also more and more broad, in terms of the current application situation forecast, wood plastic will replace the current home decoration in the common use of solid wood floor in the future, become one of the key direction of development.

  The development of outdoor decking industry in China is of great significance to environmental protection

Outdoor Decking market development status and prospect analysis

  China is a country with poor forest resources. 2009, our country actually uses lumber 320 million cubic meters, among them gap achieved 140 million cubic meters. A more effective way to increase forest area in a situation of severe timber shortage is to achieve timber replacement. Between 20% and 30% of wood meal and scraps in wood processing are underutilized. Using recycled plastics, waste wood powder and other wood plastic products through technological innovation can not only replace wood, alleviate the shortage of forest resources, achieve carbon dioxide emission reduction, but also reduce the increasingly serious "white pollution" has great social and economic significance.

  Outdoor decking has many advantages, but we rarely see this material in our daily life. What is the reason for this situation? One is promotion strength is not enough, another important reason is price, do not expect to exceed 10 years, wood model floor can replace current common real wood floor for sure.

  Outdoor Decking market development status and prospects are not only widely optimistic in China, but also in the world. Macrotech believes that this is not only the product itself has excellent characteristics, but also mainly determined by its resource recycling and important significance to the environment.

  Macrotech truly achieve: product raw materials green zero harmful, zero pollution; The finished product is 100% recyclable and recyclable. The whole chain production process conforms to the national environmental protection standards; The use process fully conforms to the standard of sustainable development, realizing the original intention of environmental protection from nature to nature. If you have a purchase need in this area, Macrotech is your choice.

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