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What is co-extrusion outdoor decking and what are its characteristics?


  Now the demand that people decorates to household is higher and higher, especially villa decorates respect, in the choice of material will tend to choose the material of green environmental protection, although the price of material is relatively higher, this also cannot prevent people to decorate the idea of household of high quality healthy environmental protection. In this consumer psychology, outdoor decking as a new green floor material and widely popular. What is outdoor decking and what are its features? Next, macrotech xiaobian will introduce it to you.

  1, green environmental protection

  Co-extrusion outdoor decking is known as ecological wood floor, from this name we know that this kind of floor has outstanding environmental protection function, the use of this kind of floor energy saving environmental protection, for creating a comfortable home is of great significance.


  2, high recycling value

  In addition to environmental protection, co-extrusion outdoor decking has many advantages. For example, its recycling value is very high, it can be used repeatedly, and it has a long service life, is not easy to damage, and does not need too much maintenance. Like common wood moth, aging, cracking and other problems, in the co-extrusion outdoor decking body have been overcome.

  3, formaldehyde free

  And now people are worried about formaldehyde pollution, and many building materials in home decoration will bring formaldehyde, but the use of co-extruded wood plastic material, there is no need to have such a worry. As ecological wood, it can ensure that in the process of use does not pollute the space does not pollute the environment, more will not harm human health.

  Now co-extrusion outdoor decking has been widely used, no matter in public place decoration or home decoration, it can often be seen. It can be said that it is the shining star on the decoration market, and it will be great in the future. If you want to decorate the floor, we might consider co-extrusion outdoor decking, but pay attention to find regular manufacturers to buy.

  As one of the large-scale plastic wood product research and development manufacturers in North China, Macrotech has been adhering to the product concept of "focus on quality, consistent" all the way to ensure a high degree of stability in product quality, to do - "from the first board to the last board consistent".

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