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Traditional Wood Decking adds color to life


  Traditional Wood Decking has received a lot of attention because, as its name says, it is a high-tech green flooring made from plastic and Wood with some auxiliary materials. Traditional Wood Decking has the characteristics of Wood texture and plastic waterproof and anti-corrosion. Therefore, as a product with such characteristics and advantages, Traditional Wood Decking has occupied the building materials market ona large scale.

  Wood plastic products can also be seen everywhere in people's life. For example, in the leisure places of the community, the trestle road in the park, the guardrail, the pavilion, the flower box and the outer wall of our backyard are all decorated with Wood plastic boards. There are many other uses of Traditional Wood Decking. A: Why is Traditional Wood Decking becoming more and more popular? It has many features that Traditional Wood and plastic do not have.

Traditional Wood Decking adds color to life

  Traditional Wood Decking is waterproof. It is well known that wooden floors will deform, mold and rot when soaked in water, which is quite a headache, but Traditional Wood Decking doesn't have such problems. Traditional Wood Decking can also be used to prevent insects. It is flexible enough to shape any style you want, and the color can be adjusted according to your preference. Traditional Wood Decking is pollution-free, recyclable and convenient for environmental protection, cleaning and installation. Therefore, Traditional Wood Decking is so popular among people.

  Besides the above features, Traditional Wood Decking also has another very important feature: fire prevention. It is very effective in preventing the spread of the fire, the fire prevention effect has reached B1 level or more, and does not produce any toxic gas. These characteristics of Traditional Wood Decking are not found in other building materials. The birth of Traditional Wood Decking adds new color and enjoyment to life.

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