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Waterproof wood Decking cracks control notes


  In general, waterproof wood decking is made to order, usually within six meters, because there are many waterproof wood decking data that make it difficult to distinguish among different categories. So 6 meters long profile is also more often used, the actual installation is used for cutting into a variety of lengths.

  Due to the material characteristics of plastic wood composite material, its expansion coefficient is generally between 3 and 5 ‰. Therefore, in view of the longer length of the profile, in addition to the requirements of good support level, solid installation, the installation gap also needs to be effectively controlled, so as not to cause deformation or warping caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Waterproof wood Decking cracks control notes

  The actual use of the site, as far as possible to control the actual installation of profile length in 3 meters, floor support keel span is not greater than 35 cm, wall panel support keel span is not greater than 60 cm.

  Vibrwood decking within 3 meters of the actual installation, the gap between the top and bottom of the vibrwood decking, if the top and wall/stone contact, control the gap of more than 12mm.

  These numbers need to be increased for waterproof wood decking up to 3 meters in length. According to the formula: the gap size required at both ends of each section length direction A = sheet length B *0.004. For continuous paving of profiles, the gap control between profiles is 1/2* A, and for connecting profiles with wall/stone, the gap control is A.

  In a word, as far as possible control the actual use length of  vibration wood decking, for can not control the use of shorter length, pay attention to the length of the material gap to reserve enough, and then the gap for beautiful edge. Must not coddle close spell or gap small temporary beauty and bring the insufficient space caused by thermal expansion and contraction of bending, warping.

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