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How to choose WPC Decking correctly?


  Low-carbon, environment-friendly and durable WPC Decking has been appearing more and more around us. It has the function of waterproof, mildew-proof, anti-corrosion and insect-proof, and no deformation, no cracking, no fading, instead of the traditional anti-corrosion wood, makeup park scenic spots, villa courtyard and other outdoor space. So what should we look out for when shopping for a WPC Decking?

  Buy WPC Decking according to your budget

  At present, the market price of WPC Decking in Our country varies greatly due to the manufacturer's different formula, technology and floor section form, so the products have their own characteristics. Of course, do not exclude individual manufacturers fish mixed beads, shoddy. Generally speaking, if the economic conditions are good, most of the solid WPC Decking is used. If you're on a budget, hollow WPC Decking is fine.

How to choose WPC Decking correctly?

  Choose according to your area of use

  If you live in the north, where the temperature difference between morning and night or between summer and winter is large, but the air humidity is relatively low, it is recommended to choose the hollow WPC Decking with round holes. Solid WPC Decking is recommended if you live in the south, where the temperature difference between the four seasons is small, but the air humidity is high. If you want to install the WPC Decking on the roof with less traffic, use a square hole hollow. If you plan to install WPC Decking in a crowded public recreation area, please choose the more wearable and aging resistant co-extrusion WPC Decking. It is also important to note that when installing WPC Decking, whether square-hole hollow or round-hole hollow, care must be taken to plug the cross-sectional holes to prevent the entry of insects or water vapor.

  Choose according to the design planning of your outdoor decoration

  Whether it is cool color or warm color, the color can affect your mood, but also affect the design style; The color, texture, thickness, width, length and so on of WPC Decking can be selected in a large space, or even completely personalized customization. Therefore, please consult professional designers or wood plastic material professionals before choosing WPC Decking, so as to avoid the actual installation effect and design is different.

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