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What are macrotech Outdoor Decking's performance advantages


  Macrotech says that Outdoor Decking is using natural wood flour as raw material, adding polyethylene plastic, adding some necessary chemical additives, under high temperature and high pressure through professional wood plastic extrusion equipment extrusion molding, this is a new environmentally friendly flooring.

  In terms of performance advantages, Macrotech Outdoor decking has a strong moisture resistance, adding a lot of recycled plastic materials, the ductility of these materials is relatively high, and the water absorption capacity is weak, on the one hand, the amount of water absorption is less, on the other hand, even if the long-term contact with wet environment, the ductility of plastic can keep the flatness of the board.

What are macrotech Outdoor Decking's performance advantages

  Macrotech Outdoor Decking also has strong pressure resistance, traditional wooden board is easy to be caused by sharp objects scratch, and Outdoor Decking is made by special process, its own pressure resistance is relatively large, even if the sharp object repeated friction is difficult to cause scratches, Can maintain a smooth appearance for a long time.

  Another point is that Macrotech Outdoor decking is relatively high in environmental protection, it does not need to add a lot of adhesives, mainly through the method of pressing to form the plate, so its formaldehyde content is relatively low.

  Under the pace of rapid development, Macrotech adheres to the environmental protection concept of "quality life, green future", always shoulder the responsibility of corporate citizens, focus on the research and development of green environmental protection products, 80% of the finished products can be recycled and recycled. The wind and rain come, Macrotech do not forget the original aspiration, humble and faithful; In the future, we will continue to cultivate the wood plastic industry, and work together with domestic and foreign customers and friends to write a new chapter! Have this aspect purchase demand friend, contact us as soon as possible.

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