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Waterproof WPC Flooring: How to repair damage


  Now Macrotech Waterproof WPC Flooring is a very popular new environment-friendly building materials, which is favored by many consumers. But in the process of use, if there is damage, how should we repair it? Macrotech professionals will introduce it to you.

  Waterproof WPC flooring surface damage, mainly because the paint of the waterproof WPC flooring has been shattered, the damage degree of the surface of the waterproof PC flooring should be seen clearly, if the damage is shallow, it can be treated with polishing and wax measures. Waterproof WPC Flooring will be used after cleaning. Waterproof WPC flooring can be made with solid wax, and then color with paint pen. Waterproof WPC Flooring.

Waterproof WPC Flooring: How to repair damage

  Waterproof WPC flooring can also be made by purchasing a bottle of wax, which is used to clean the waterproof WPC flooring and treat scratches that are not deep enough. Floor wax is of great help to the repair of waterproof WPC Flooring, which can make the appearance of waterproof WPC flooring bright as new, prevent from scratch and extend the life of waterproof WPC flooring.

  Over the past five years, Macrotech has always been in the forefront of product research and development, constantly learning advanced technology and products at home and abroad, adhere to innovation and upgrading, and develop innovative products that are more suitable for market demand, more able to meet multi-dimensional use scenarios, and more green, serving customers in more than 50 countries around the world. Heavy quality, more heavy texture! If you have this aspect of procurement needs, you can call us at any time, we will be dedicated to your service.

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