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Outdoor WPC Flooring what mistakes to avoid when purchasing


  Outdoor WPC Flooring is a new environmental protection product that has become popular in recent years. However, consumers will encounter many problems in the process of purchasing because they do not know the characteristics of outdoor WPC Flooring. Then, at this time, we need to know some mistakes to avoid when purchasing, so as to purchase desirable outdoor WPC Flooring.

  First, outdoor WPC Flooring is not environmentally friendly

  Some consumer thinks formaldehyde is contained in natural wood, together with multilayer gluing between veneer, formaldehyde content in oak solid wood compound floor is taller, not environmental protection. In reality, the formaldehyde release amount of outdoor WPC Flooring can be safely used as long as it is controlled within the scope defined by the national scale.


  Second: not heavy late paving

  Outdoor WPC Flooring will include direct paste method, keel laying method and suspension laying method. No matter what kind of laying method is used, we must choose a good construction team and confront "six no flooring", that is, the wall is wet and leaking, the ground is not dry and uneven. Confused construction is not paved; Use of inferior auxiliary materials do not shop; The construction period is too urgent to implement the process is not paved; Invention product quality problems do not spread; Requirements absolutely no flat color difference shop.

  Third: looking too much for the same texture

  Outdoor WPC Flooring is a natural wood finished product, whose wood luster will be different due to differences in planting locations, sunlight exposure and other factors. The other is the boards sawn from unified wood splitting. Due to the different position of sawing, the color depth and wood texture will not be the same. Therefore, outdoor WPC Flooring will objectively show signs of color difference and unbending balance of spots, which is a natural sign, so it is not necessary to be too rigid about the same color.

  As one of the largest manufacturers of wood and plastic products in North China, WPC Flooring will adhere to the product concept of "Focus on quality, be consistent" and ensure high stability of product quality. "Be consistent from the first board to the last board".

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