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Macrotech Outdoor WPC Flooring: Featuring both wood and plastic flooring


  In Our country, wood floor and other wood type resource materials, has been welcomed by consumers and love. Widely used in private courtyard, garden landscape, use is very large. However, excessive consumption of timber resources is not in line with the national conditions of sustainable development in China.

  As a result, an environmentally friendly macrotech outdoor WPC Flooring made of wood-plastic composite materials appeared, attracting the attention of many consumers! People's awareness of environmental protection has also been rapidly improved!

Macrotech Outdoor WPC Flooring: Featuring both wood and plastic flooring

  Macrotech outdoor WPC Flooring is different from pure wood or anticorrosive wood. It takes natural wood powder as raw material, adds polyethylene plastic, and adds necessary chemical additives. Under high temperature and pressure, it is a new green and environmentally friendly composite material extrusion by professional wood-plastic extrusion equipment, which not only saves forest resources, but also can be recycled.

  Macrotech's outdoor WPC Flooring has overcome the deficiencies of natural wood, including moisture and insect-resistant flooring. And retained the plasticity of wood, drilling, planing, not easy to deform, good toughness, impact resistance, in the outdoor environment, not metamorphic, performance unchanged. Put it this way, like wood without wood benefits, like plastic non plastic without plastic disadvantages.

  Macrotech outdoor WPC Flooring has good visual effect, which is also called aesthetic, which is an advantage of outdoor WPC Flooring. Compared with general wood, outdoor WPC Flooring is paint-free and can restore natural wood texture with extremely rich colors, variety and style, which can meet consumers' individual DIY needs.

  Under the rapid development pace, Macrotech upholds the environmental protection concept of "quality of life, green future", always shoulder the sense of mission of responsible corporate citizens, focus on the development and production of green environmental protection products, 80% of the finished products can be recycled. If you have this aspect of procurement needs, you are welcome to call us at any time.

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