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Macrotech wood-plastic decorative board shortcomings


  Wood plastic decorative board to the whole home environment has brought a good experience, loved by the majority of users, so it has what disadvantages, let's understand!

  1, because the wood-plastic decorative board is the overall application, according to the different color differences of the decorative effect can be negotiated by the supply and demand parties to solve, agreed in the contract.

  2, wood-plastic decorative board in the process of production, transportation and use, will be subjected to the role of bending force, flexural strength and flexural elastic modulus reflect the rigidity of the material.


  3, if the processing technology of wood-plastic decorative board is unreasonable, resulting in the internal stress of the board, the formation of defects, in the use of the process (is high temperature and high humidity environment) will cause size changes, affect the decorative effect.

  4. The wood-plastic material may produce formaldehyde pollution in the post-processing process. Some additives will be used in the processing process of wood-plastic composite material, and heavy metals will be introduced, which may make the heavy metal content of the material exceed the standard.

  5. If the processing technology or formula of wood-plastic decorative board is unreasonable, it will also cause the thickness of the product to expand after water absorption, or even flake off.

  6, because of the large use area of walling and ceiling in wood-plastic decorative board, its fire performance can not be lacked.

  This is the small series for you to bring about what the shortcomings of wood-plastic decorative board is related to the introduction. The above information introduction for wood-plastic decorative board is only for your reference, I hope to help you.

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