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Fire resistance of Macrotech WPC Wall cladding


  Wood has always been the main building material in China, but there are low absolute strength, poor rigidity, easy to corrosion, easy to crack and other obvious defects of wood, its application is limited. And among other things, easy burning is the most deadly point in the use of wood. In dry weather, forests are prone to fire, which is caused by the flammability of wood materials, and the use of wood in housing construction, landscape construction, in the long term, is also more dangerous.

Fire resistance of Macrotech WPC Wall cladding

  Macrotech WPC Wall cladding, which we will talk about today, is made of natural wood powder, polyethylene plastic and some necessary chemical additives, and is extruded and formed by professional wood-plastic extrusion equipment under high temperature and pressure. This material takes into account the double characteristics of plant fiber and plastic, durable, long life, higher hardness than plastic, better stability than wood, and has good processing, easy to shape. Another outstanding advantage of WPC is that the material can be reused or recycled and is biodegradable. It is considered as a kind of green environmental protection material with great development prospect.

  WPC Wall cladding has been used in many places in the market today. Macrotech can also provide customers with four series of products: wood-plastic co-extrusion floor, wood-plastic profile, wood-plastic landscape and wood-plastic DIY. If you want to know more about WPC Wall cladding, please come to our company for consultation. Macrotech, to provide you with the most thoughtful service.

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