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Precautions for WPC Fencing installation


  Macrotech WPC Fencing is a special material imitating wood and exceeding the performance of wood. It can be seen in parks, greenways, courtyards, terraces and balconies, etc. Its main features are mildew-proof, anti-corrosion, stable performance, non-fading and non-deformation, and it is accepted and enjoyed by the public with its unique characteristics. There are some points to pay attention to when installing wood-plastic guardrail. Next, macrotech professionals will explain it to you.

      1.When fixing the wood-plastic column, it is generally not recommended to directly embed it in the concrete. Instead, a galvanized square pipe slightly smaller than the diameter of the wood-plastic column, which is 1-2 mm, can be welded with the steel plate into an inverted T-shaped shape, and then fixed on the concrete floor with an expansion bolt; Then the wood-plastic column set; In addition, drilling screws can be used to rotate through the lining steel pipe at the waist of the wood-plastic column to ensure stability; The distance between conventional wood-plastic columns is about 1.5 meters, and should not exceed 2 meters as far as possible, in order to avoid safety risks caused by excessive shaking of the span.


  2. When connecting handrails with injection molded connectors, the elongated head should be used to avoid damage or damage to the injection molded parts due to the rotation of the drill bit during the installation of the connectors; The distance between wood plastic armrest, general control is left and right sides in 0.8 meters.

  3. When connecting the small square columns with injection molded inner connectors, it is necessary to ensure that the small wood-plastic square columns are in a straight line, otherwise the overall beauty of WPC Fencing will be affected. The distance between the small wood-plastic square columns is generally controlled within 0.2 meters.

  4. When any wood-plastic profiles are connected, a gap of 2 mm must be reserved for heat expansion or cold contraction of the material.

  Only by understanding these precautions can we avoid them. If these problems are not paid attention to, the consequences will be more serious. It is recommended to find a professional construction after-sales team to install and operate.

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