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How to choose the outdoor wood plastic floor correctly? Macrotech to move!


  Low-carbon environmental protection and durable outdoor wood plastic floor, has been more and more appeared in our side; In addition to retaining the traditional mildew and insect resistance and other physical properties, it also has stronger wear resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance and weather resistance. It replaces the traditional wood and adorns the outdoor space such as park scenic spots and villa courtyards. So, how should we choose the outdoor wood plastic floor correctly? Macrotech Xiaobian for you to sort out the following points.


  Choose outdoor wood plastic flooring according to your budget

  At present, our domestic outdoor wood plastic flooring market price, because the manufacturer's formula, technology and the floor section form of different and different, the products are therefore each with its own characteristics. Of course, also do not exclude individual manufacturers fish-eye mixed beads, shoddy. Generally speaking, if economic conditions are better, mostly choose solid wood plastic floor; If the budget is limited, the choice of hollow wood plastic floor is not impossible.

  According to your outdoor decoration design planning to choose

  Whether it is cool or warm colors, the colors you see can affect your mood, but also affect the design style; The color of outdoor wood plastic floor, grain, thickness, width, length and so on can have very big choose space, it is the custom that completely individualization even, therefore, before the floor of outdoor wood plastic of choose and buy, please must consult professional stylist or professional personage of plastic wood material, lest actual installation effect and design are different.

  As one of the largest wood plastic product R&D manufacturers in North China, Macrotech adheres to the product concept of "Focus on Quality, Consistency" all the way, to ensure high stability of product quality, and to achieve "Consistency from the first board to the last board". If you have the purchase need in this area, You can call at any time to consult us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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