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Code for Outdoor WPC Flooring Maintenance


  Nowadays, people are more and more inclined to use Macrotech outdoor WPC flooring in the decoration of floor materials when decorating, because it has various styles, high quality, light weight, non-moldy, fireproof, easy to install and use, and can improve the decoration effect to the maximum.

  In terms of service life, it is shorter than ceramic tile. When splicing plastic wood floor, the gap should be well controlled, otherwise it will produce bubbles when it experiences thermal expansion and cold contraction in the later stage, and the water resistance will be relatively poor.

  If outdoor WPC flooring is installed, maintenance must be done.


  1. When maintaining outdoor WPC flooring, attention must be paid to keeping the floor dry and clean to avoid contact with a large amount of water;

  2. Alcohol can be used to remove the mark on the side of outdoor WPC flooring;

  3. When cleaning outdoor WPC Flooring, it is necessary to pay attention not to use hard things such as sandpaper, sander or metal tools to clean it;

  4. If there are rust stains on the floor, the cleaning products needed to be used must contain muscle substances such as oxalic acid and phosphoric acid, which can remove stains faster and more efficiently and ensure the beauty of the ground;

  The above are some maintenance methods for outdoor WPC flooring that are often overlooked but must be paid attention to. 

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