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What should be paid attention to when laying Macrotech WPC Flooring?


  Macrotech WPC Flooring should pay attention to the following when laying:

  I. Laying direction of WPC Flooring It is common from room entrance to horizontal laying in the house, also can choose to turn to the other side wall from one side to undertake laying, such laying is more convenient.

  2. Before laying WPC flooring, the ground should be inspected. If there is any problem, it should be repaired before laying. Although the wood-plastic board is waterproof and mildew proof, it still needs to be well maintained in daily life, so that a large amount of water does not come into direct contact with the floor.

  3. in order to make the floor plus beautiful, before laying wood plastic board can stipulate a central axis, as the baseline of the floor, and then specific implementation.

What should be paid attention to when laying Macrotech WPC Flooring?

  4. When laying WPC flooring, the four adjacent edges and angles of each board should be kept parallel and vertical to avoid errors as much as possible.

  5. before laying the floor, should divide well analysis template quality, color depth. Place consistent, quality flooring as far as possible into the center of the house.

  Pay attention to the smoothness, regularity and firmness of WPC flooring when laying floors. And don't forget to use adhesives on flat or tongue-and-groove floors.

  Macrotech WPC flooring is made of wood-plastic board. Macrotech WPC flooring has a wear-resistant layer. If the wear-resistant layer is worn, it will affect the moisture-proof performance and brightness of the whole floor. Therefore, the maintenance and cleaning of WPC Flooring should be done well.

  Macrotech attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, and has an excellent professional R & D team, focusing on strict quality control and considerate service. If you have this kind of purchase needs can contact us at any time, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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