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Is WPC Wall Cladding Safe? What are the advantages


  In home decoration, people in addition to the pursuit of beauty, comfort, the most important thing is safety, no matter how careful, it is difficult to avoid formaldehyde and other pollution problems. Macrotech wood-plastic wall panels as a new type of environmental protection wood-plastic composite products, or a lot of people do not know about it, there are doubts about its safety attitude. Here we will briefly analyze whether Macrotech WPC wall cladding is safe, and the advantages of Macrotech wood plastic wall board.

  Is Macrotech WPC Wall Cladding Secure

  Macrotech WPC Wall Cladding is a kind of wood as the base material, plastic and processing additives, stir and mix evenly, and then through the mold heating extrusion molding. This is a kind of high-tech new decorative material, green and environmental protection, with the double properties and characteristics of wood and plastic, is a new type of composite material can replace wood and plastic. Macrotech WPC Wall Cladding surface is not painted, just pressed into, thereby reducing the content of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, you can rest assured to use.

Is WPC Wall Cladding Safe? What are the advantages

  II. Advantages of Macrotech WPC Wall Cladding

  1, green environmental protection: Macrotech WPC Wall Cladding is a new green environmental protection material, the surface is not coated with paint, just wood and plastic pressed into, reduce the content of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, safe and green environmental protection.

  2. Low loss: Macrotech WPC Wall Cladding is hollow inside, so more materials can be saved and the price is more affordable.

  3, Long service life: Compared with ordinary wood, the service life of Macrotech WPC Wall Cladding board can be as high as 10-15 years, which greatly saves the cost and time of replacing furniture.

  4, good practicability: Macrotech WPC Wall Cladding has strong practicability, not only wear-resistant, can protect the building wall well, but also good three-dimensional sense and layering sense, with good thermostatic property, noise reduction, can prevent radiation, but also can adjust the air, wear resistance, impact resistance and other functions.

  5, good decorative: Macrotech WPC Wall Cladding can use different functional areas, decorate a different style of taste, but also the overall style of coordination and unity, a good display of the unique style of the room taste. Therefore, the overall wood-plastic wall board has a very good decorative effect.

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