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What are the installation steps of WPC Wall Cladding?


  WPC material is used more and more in outdoor decoration now, becoming the best material to replace anticorrosive wood. Because of its waterproof and anticorrosive characteristics, it is mainly used in outdoor platforms, such as WPC wall panels, outdoor WPC flooring, WPC guardrail, etc. So, What are the installation steps of WPC Wall Cladding?

  I. Preparation:

  1, first check the model and size of wood plastic wallboard, and then see whether the surface is damaged, count all the number.

  2. Prepare the installation tools, and then check the actual construction site, plan the location of the installation, and determine the final program.

What are the installation steps of WPC Wall Cladding?

  II. Measurement Work:

  1. According to the installation diagram, measure the required size and sort it out. The data collection should be accurate without mistakes, and then mark on the corresponding wall.

  2, the first use of electric drill drilling, pay attention to the depth and spacing of the hole, and then start to install the keel, with expansion pipe to fix, at the same time the need for the overall leveling, if there is uneven position, need to be prepared in advance.

  3, wood plastic keel installed on the ground, between the expansion tube to maintain 5-6cm, wood plastic keel surface is higher than the screw cap, pay attention to the problem of good detail.

  III. Closure Work:

  1. After the self-tapping screw is fixed on the wood plastic keel, make it consistent with the surface of the wood plastic wallboard. It is best to be on the same level, with the spacing about 5 mm.

  2, at the beginning and end of the laying position, the wood plastic wallboard and the keel are fixed with screws, and the plastic buckle is used at the junction of the other wood plastic wallboard and the keel, to check whether the connection is firm, and we must pay attention to the firmness.

  3, when installing the keel, we should consider its material and load-bearing weight. If it is estimated that the force can not be borne, it is best to replace a load-bearing good keel to avoid problems in the future.

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