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What problems should notice when installing wood plastic floor


  Matters needing attention in the installation of wood plastic floor:

  1. The density of wood-plastic products is quite large. When fixing the keel, it is necessary to use the drill to drill the hole first, then drill the screw, otherwise, due to the direct drilling and screw vibration, it is easy to cause the cracking of the wood-plastic keel.

  2, fixed keel, must ensure that the working surface level off, do not have pits, uneven, keel spacing is best chosen in about 30 cm, too wide keel spacing is easy to cause the floor of the concave deformation.

What problems should notice when installing wood plastic floor

  3. When laying wood-plastic flooring, especially when using wood-plastic flooring in a large area, the length of the floor should not be too long. Generally, the length of the floor should be fixed at 3 meters.

  4, install wood plastic floor, especially transverse joints between floor and floor, and at the end of the floor and the steps of the joint, be sure to set aside expansion joints, especially in the winter when installation, the floor is in cold condition, expansion joints to reserve a relatively larger, when summer comes, the expansion of the floor can be, if the expansion joint is too small, can cause the arch of the floor.

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