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What are the applications of wood plastic?


  What are the applications of wood plastic? Below we show the actual application effect of wood plastic materials in the form of pictures.

  Q1、 wood plastic? Do you need paint?

  Unlike wood, WPC can be available in a variety of colors without the need for paint (sometimes color differences affect price). And because of the special molding process of wood plastic, it does not have the problem of fading.

  Q2、Will the wood plastic fade?

  Yes. Plastic wood will discolor slightly after 10 to 12 weeks of exposure to sunlight and humidity.

  Q3、Does WPC burn more easily than wood?

  WPC profiles are Grade C building materials that burn like wood. After the combustion characteristic experiment, WPC is not easier to burn than wood. WPC burns at a temperature of 86 degrees.

What are the applications of wood plastic?

  Q4、Is WPC made of recycled materials?

  Yes. WPC is made of recycled plastic and waste wood chips or rice bran and other natural plant fibers as raw materials.

  Q5、 where is the difference between wood and plastic wood?

  Unlike plastic wood (which is made of 100 percent plastic), wood plastic is made of plastic and wood chips in a nearly 1:1 ratio. Because of the natural fiber components, WPC has better UV resistance and lower thermal expansion and contraction properties, and is as easy to process as wood.

  Q6、 What is the weight of WPC compared to ordinary wood?

  Compared with the general wood, wood plastic is much larger than important, usually above, and the general proportion of wood is ~, even if the proportion of the larger hardwood, proportion is only about. So the wood plastic is much heavier for the same volume.

  Q7、 How is the wood plastic processed? Do you need special tools?

  WPC is as easy to process as wood, and in some ways even easier. WPC can be cut, drilled and treated with ordinary wood working tools.

  Q8 、is the water absorption rate of wood plastic high?

  WPC absorbs very little water due to a plastic layer surrounding natural fibres such as wood fibres. It is very suitable for the waterfront landscape.

  Q9 、Will low temperature weather have an effect on wood plastic?

  WPC performs well even at low temperatures. However, since WPC is more than 50% plastic, it can harden and become difficult to drill at extremely low temperatures, in which case pre-drilling is recommended.

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